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Terrific News!

Hello Panda has been found! I went to the T&T market in Metrotown, and lo and behold amoungst the cookie/candy isle there was Hello Panda! After Saturday's terrible blow to the hearts of all Hello Panda lovers I knew a purchase was in order, chocolate Hello Panda was bought. Not any Hello Panda, this is the Jumbo Uber Size, with 10 individual packages, which means, Hello Panda will be at Resurrection once more! I'm also Hello Panda fasting until Saturday when I will open the box, count down the days!

In other news I also tried Bubble Tea, although it was from some little Keyosk it was still good, definatly an interesting texture to it, I will have to try it again. Aside from this there is little to report. Prepare yourselfs for a Hello Panda extravaganza on Saturday, woo!
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